12 Week Body Solution

 **Ideal for anyone who is insanely time poor, wanting to implement a results based program for life!**

Why 12 Week Body Solution is different:

✓ Proven results from 15 years of coaching Australia’s fittest models!

✓ Road tested and reviewed thousands of other programs & decided to cut through all of the BS.

✓ Straightforward, clear, direct and most importantly, GETS RESULTS

Melissah says:
"12 weeks done and dusted but only the beginning of a new journey of self-love and appreciation of what we can achieve with the correct guidance, education and the support of a wonderful tribe of women. Gone are the days of all or nothing and oats made on water. Ladies we have truly been given so much for the small amount we paid to sign up. I have spent thousands in the past on designed programs and this program alone has given mesoooooo much more than I ever expected. Lindy, thank you for such an amazing program.



  • 3 phases of Split Weight Training Programs throughout the 12 weeks
  • Designed to maximise your fat burning while still maintaining as much lean muscle as possible!


  • When to eat, and what to eat to get results
  • 12 weeks worth of meal plans
  • Including recipes and shopping list to make it as straightforward as possible!
  • Step to step guide to counting macros


  • How to maximise your metabolism to allow your body to start using the fuel (food) that you are consuming in the most efficient way possible
  • Learn new way of eating which will allow you to make significant changes to your body composition and overall health

So if you've been looking for a complete solution to reignite your results and passion for health and fitness, then My 12 Week Body Solution eBook is for you!

+ AS A BONUS, you'll also receive my 12 Week Body Solution Journal, which retails for $29.95 TOTALLY FREE, so you can track your results as you go!

PLUS my personal 12 Week Success Journal containing:

  • My 12-week Personal Progress system to help you set your targets, review your progress and celebrate your achievements.
  • A 12-week Training Diary to record each of your workouts including weight training + cardio.
  • A 12-week Nutrition Log to record each of your meals with room for tracking your macros, calories, and water intake.
  • Constant snippets of motivation, inspiration, and advice that I use to feel committed, inspired and on track every day!
  • My 7 Rules For Success - your blueprint to achieve your goals!

I know that it will help you train hard, keep fit and love life too!