The Change For Life Blueprint + BONUS Results Journal

I’m so excited to be finally able to share my Change For Life Blueprint with the world!

Within the 240+ pages of this eBook, you’ll find the Nutritional Approaches, Training Programs, Motivational Techniques and Life Lessons I have used, learnt and created throughout my career as a Fitness Model, Editor in Chief of Oxygen Magazine Australia and as a Mum.

Here’s what you’ll get in three parts:

Part 1: Eating to Achieve Results (Not Starve!) aka The Ice Cream Diet!

  • My 7 Rules for Success: Expanded and Explained so You Can Apply Them Every Day.
  • When to Eat What and Why: Learn What Foods To Eat and When To Eat Them to Achieve The Results That You Want!
  • Build Your Own Nutrition Blueprint for life! A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own Nutrition Plan Tailored To You, Your Life and the Results You Want to See! Includes Example Meals and Food Options.
  • Recipes for Success: A Selection of Recipes and Meals Taken From My Own Nutrition Blueprint to Make You Happier and Healthier One Meal at a Time.
  • Reality Check: Your Real World Guide to Reading Food Labels and Cleaning Out Your Pantry (Including Your Perfect Shopping List template)!   
Part 2: Training To Look, Feel and Be At Your Best
  • My Exercise Library: Step by Step Guide Through The Exercises I Use To Shape, Tone and Build Each Body Part.
  • Back To Basics: An Overview and Explanation The Basic Principles That Are The Foundation Of My Training Plans.
  • Design Your Own Training Plan For Life! Your Step by Step Blueprint to Creating Your Own Training Plans That Will Challenge And Change Your Body.
  • My No Time, No Equipment, No Excuses Workout! The Workout I Use When It Seems Impossible Squeeze In A Workout Along With Everything Else.
  • Stretch Yourself: A Selection of Stretches That I Use And The Benefits Of Each.
  • Ignite Your Results With Cardio For Fat Loss: This Guide Will Take You Through The Science, Benefits And Best Approaches to Cardio For Fat Loss. Includes A Selection of High Intensity Options For The Times In Life When You Need To Kick Your Results Up A Gear!   
Part 3: Motivating Yourself To Build A Life You Love
  • Getting Your Head Right: Using Motivation And Mindset To Conquer Your Goals.
  • Taking Time For Me: The Importance Of Balance, Reflection And Treating Yourself.
  • Stick With It To See Your Success: A Guide Of What To Expect When Your Making A Change For Life, Including Strategies That I Use On How To Overcome The Desire To Give Up.


+ AS A BONUS, you'll also receive my 12 Week Body Solution Journal, which retails for $29.95 TOTALLY FREE, so you can track your results as you go!

PLUS my personal 12 Week Success Journal containing:

  • My 12-week Personal Progress system to help you set your targets, review your progress and celebrate your achievements.
  • A 12-week Training Diary to record each of your workouts including weight training + cardio.
  • A 12-week Nutrition Log to record each of your meals with room for tracking your macros, calories, and water intake.
  • Constant snippets of motivation, inspiration, and advice that I use to feel committed, inspired and on track every day!
  • My 7 Rules For Success - your blueprint to achieve your goals!

I know that it will help you train hard, keep fit and love life too!