June 19, 2016

Are you guilty of this?
For those of us who are honest, we’ve all been guilty at one time or another of wanting to look our very best, whether it’s been for a selfie we’ve taken, a coffee date with our girlfriends or a pic of us out and about enjoying ourselves. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look great as it often leads to us feeling great, but the problem is that sometimes people actually lose sight of what’s important and often hurt themselves long-term by doing things for short term gain. 

Not to mention on top of all of that, we’re surrounded by constant pressure to be something we think we should be or to look a certain way.  There are constant updates, newsfeeds and social platforms bombarding us with images of “fitness competitors” who we should all aspire to be like. 

It’s VERY easy to get caught up in the tidal wave of those who are eating well and going to the gym just to look good. Let’s face it, an image of you looking good results in more engagement from your friends, more popularity and more attention and for many people this is actually a good thing to keep them motivated. However, the danger arises when your focus shifts from being “fit and healthy” first and foremost, to something a whole lot worse; “looking good at whatever cost”. So many young women (and men) think that in order to be successful they need to go on restrictive diets, do copious amounts of cardio and contemplate doing other things to their bodies. People don’t seem to want to work hard these days when there are other easier options to get you into great shape. 

It’s frightening to think about how many people have sacrificed their health for a short term result and who have then paid the ultimate price. Health FIRST is something that every person needs to be mindful of now and always.  Without health, what do you really have? 

Being fit and healthy, in my opinion, is one of the best things you can ever achieve! Not only will you feel great and have so much energy to do the things you enjoy, you usually look amazing simply as a side effect! 

Being fit and healthy is all about having a functional body that is strong enough to fight off diseases, strong enough to keep us in a good mental state and strong enough to do all the things us women do – as mothers, daughters, wives, role models, employees, bosses and so on. 

Of course, when we work out and eat well we’re going to reap the benefits by looking great, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Feeling good and looking good result in increased confidence levels and having more confidence is so positive on all areas of our lives. However, while it’s great to be confident in who you are and how you look, just make sure your driving factor is to be fit and healthy first and foremost! 

I would really encourage you to take some time to have a good think about why you workout and why you eat well. Start by thinking of all the reasons that AREN’T associated with looking good. In all seriousness, this will give you the drive you truly need to be fit and healthy for life! 

"Remember, being healthy is paramount, looking good is a side effect." - Lindy Olsen


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