May 11, 2018

Alternatives to Strength Training

Our bodies change over time...that is just a "given". As we age, our hormones change and we begin feeling and even looking different. Just ask any woman about the differences in her body between the ages of 30 and 40 and she would be likely to say that fat accumulation patterns changed and that her motivation declined over the course of the decade too. Men can have just as many complaints and concerns too.

This means that the big question is whether there is an effective form of exercise that gives a bit of cardio and a bit of strength training, but which can be effective quickly enough to combat the change in energy levels. In other words, what sort of alternatives should be used because energy dips so fast?

We have two answers: Pilates exercises and yoga classes. These are both extremely reliable conditioning exercises, but they can be as challenging or gentle as the individual requires.

Let's take a look at Pilates?

Pilates classes work on the strengthening of the "core". This is the musculature of the abdominal area and it is known for providing gorgeous posture and incredible strength. It uses very focused movements that were designed by Joseph Pilates in the middle of the 1900s.

The benefits of Pilates are profound because they work so many of the muscle groups at once. They are going to always increase circulation and lymphatic flow, they are going to strengthen the upper and lower body, they will help with headaches and backaches, and they will also improve energy levels. Few people leave a Pilates studio without having lost their breath and broken out into a sweat that day.

What About a Yoga Workout?

Yoga exercises are also a good option, as they can be very vigorous or they can include small and focused movements like Pilates. Yoga benefits are just as intense and measurable as Pilates benefits and will include the same circulatory and lymphatic results and all of the strengthening too.

We have to consider how both of these exercises use the body weight as a form of resistance and how they can become too simple for someone who has developed their muscles. This is okay because many people use resistance bands during Pilates routines and yoga classes if they feel that certain movements are no longer a challenge.

The Benefits of Breathing

Let's also consider that both of these exercise routines demand that the individual focuses on mindful breathing and clearing their thoughts. This is something that many people with hormonal changes appreciate because it helps them to refocus their minds. Many women in the premenopausal state complain that the bodily changes have included hazy thoughts and difficulty focusing, and these good alternatives to classic strength training (such as weight lifting and resistance exercise) can give them a lot of opportunities to feel and to think better than ever. The important thing to remember is that there may be a need to incorporate a bit of extra cardiovascular exercise if yoga or Pilates are the only training, as they are not often rigorous enough.

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