May 12, 2018

Kitchen Secrets for Great Abs

The title of this article may be confusing to you until you learn the big secret of "those six pack abs". What is the secret? Well, when you see figure competitors with really sculpted abs, these have been made partially in the gym but predominantly in the kitchen. This is because you have to be a very "lean" person in order for all of that musculature of the abdominal area to show through.

So, what do you eat in order to have those abs you see on the covers of magazines? If you choose to eat lots of fresh veggies, a moderate intake of complex carbs and balance these with a diet high in quality lean protein, you will discover your abdominal work start to show up like never before.

The Trick of the Kitchen

Let's take a moment to consider exactly why “eating clean” is a good component to aid your abdominal workouts. For one thing, when you eat a truly healthy diet it is going to be based on lean protein at each meal. (Rule 1) Whether you opt for egg whites, low-fat chicken, or some fish, you will enhance muscle growth thanks to your food choices, and you will also help your cells to operate at an optimal level.

In addition to using proteins, the list of foods for weight loss would also include lots of vegetables and salads. These help the body to shed toxins through their fibre content and they also supply tremendous amounts of nutrients that optimise fat burning and metabolism.

Finally, when you adhere to a diet of weight loss food, you are going to consume only complex carbohydrates. Whole grain foods fill you up faster and take a lot longer to release their sugars into the bloodstream. This means that your body is resistant to lying down new fat because insulin production is under control.

So, let's quickly "do the math". The best “clean” foods will include lean proteins, loads of fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. These work together to fuel your body without also triggering fat production and storage or making you hungry all of the time. You get a lot of energy, but you remain slim and lean. This is why a healthy diet is going to enhance any of your abdominal exercises.

The Right Choices

To help you to understand which foods to choose, I'll give you a protein foods list to help you choose clean foods, to integrate into your eating plans. (You do have an eating plan or guideline, right? This is a major factor in reaching your physique goals of any kind). The best options for helping you get and stay lean include whole foods such as:

  1. Whole eggs or egg whites (the whites actually burn more calories than whole eggs)
  2. Turkey cuts of any kind (do not buy processed meats as these are usually pumped up with a lot of fillers)
  3. Grass-fed beef (this is better for the environment and is a way to lower your cholesterol intake while also getting a "slow-burning" protein)
  4. Fish of all kinds (shellfish have a lot more cholesterol, so go for the fleshier fish if you are battling lipids).

Non-food sources are ok and can be relied on when you are on the run, but they cannot be your whole source of nutrition. The best thing to get hold of right now is a good quality whey protein powder since it is great for blood sugar management and makes for a good supplement in a shake. It’s also quick and easy so there’s no excuse not to get your protein in!

If you're looking for a few more ideas and recipes for 'eating clean', then click here for a 'sneak peek' at our 12 Week Body Solution complete with 6 recipes that you can start using straight away!

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