December 14, 2015

It’s funny, isn’t it? How our motivation comes and goes. One day you wake up, jump out of bed and practically run to the gym. You smash out a PB (personal best) and walk out feeling even more motivated to crush your goal. Then, a few days later, that motivation gets lost somewhere between the mountain of paperwork on your desk and your kids pulling at your tight trousers that just don’t seem to be getting any looser. Giving up can be a pretty tempting option… As drained and defeated as you feel, though, you should be excited. You’ve got a GAME-CHANGER right there in the palm of your hand. It’s at these points in your life – where all you feel like doing is quitting – that you have an opportunity to choose WHO YOU WANT TO BE. You have two options: you can revert to your old diet and exercise regime (or lack thereof) OR you can stay consistent with your new lifestyle even though you don’t FEEL like it. The first is the easy option. By taking this option, you are literally choosing to be someone who settles for comfort and familiarity. You are choosing to remain the same. You need to ask yourself, it this truly what you want?? The second option is way more difficult. By taking this option, you choose to be someone who pushes themselves, someone who believes they’re worth it, someone who has the determination and resolve to see their goal through NO MATTER WHAT. You choose to grow and push your potential every day to become so much more than you ever thought you could be!! Now that’s something I’d sign up for!!!!! The simple truth is, you won’t change if you don’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Period. You won’t increase your muscle mass unless you work your muscles harder than last time and your endurance won’t improve unless you step up the pace. But it’s not your body that will take you the distance, it’s your mind. Lets face it, its much easier to get up and go to the gym when you feel like it – they’re the days where you’ll probably smash out some PBs and feel like you’re really making progress. The days you don’t want to be there, though, are the days you push through and work on your mind. You might not lift as much as usual or walk 5km as fast as last time, but they are the days that will make the BIGGEST difference in the long run! So if on leg days you get up dreading going to the gym because you seriously hate training legs (like I do), let me tell you now: leg days are going to be the BEST THING FOR YOU. If you feel like giving up and just crying because you’ve had a crap day at work or “don’t know why you’re bothering”, cry it out, gorgeous girl, then throw on your gym gear and make it to that session. These are THE days that will create you into the strongest woman you can possibly be and that’s SUPER EXCITING!!! If you can conquer your mind, you can conquer ANYTHING. Until next time, Train Hard, Keep fit and LOVE Life! Lindy xx

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