January 12, 2018

BEWARE: Fakers everywhere 

I was casually browsing the social media channels and came across an Instagram profile of an athlete I know VERY well. I’ve personally helped this particular girl so many times, given her advice when she was feeling vulnerable and helped her believe in her life’s purpose when she couldn’t do it for herself. I’ve been so blessed to see her achieve all the success she has and I’m all for earning your stripes, and for working hard. But when you blatantly plagiarise someone else’s words and post them as your own, it’s downright dishonest and I can’t believe people in the fitness industry have become SO fake. 

It’s one thing to talk about your experiences and how you feel, but it’s a completely DISHONEST move if you’re going to copy someone else’s words and post them as if they’re yours. Whatever happened to real, honest, genuine updates from REAL fitness role models? It seems now more than ever, fitness wannabees are posting quotes, words, and updates that are simply not their own. They are happy to steal something from someone else rather than come up with content that is original and real to them. To say I am disappointed is a HUGE understatement, especially for those I know. 

On top of all of that, I was recently talking to one of my good friends in the USA and she expressed her disgust at these ‘self-appointed fitness gurus’ who are nothing but shallow, plagiaristic wannabees. They have no purpose other than to be famous and make a career out of selling ‘fitness snake oil’ to consumers who trust what they’re being told. From face-altering filters to body-reshaping apps, to miracle diets, it seems that changing your body shape to enhance your proportions, and sell your product or service, is sadly rife among the most popular of fitness profiles. 

Rest assured though, here at Oxygen Magazine Australia, we are committed to ensuring we do our very best to feature women who are REAL, authentic, kind and above all, those who genuinely care about making a difference in others’ lives. 

Anyone can be a pretty picture, anyone can copy someone else’s words, but those who DARE to be themselves and who are genuine and REAL will ALWAYS triumph. 

Until next time, be YOU, be REAL and be AWESOME! 

Lindy xx

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