February 06, 2018

Have you seen my motivation?

I seem to have lost it — my motivation, that is.

Motivation is one of those things that comes and goes. For many of us, it’s not a constant variable that is always there and available to tap into. While it would be so great to have motivation every single day to eat healthy, train, go after our goals and more, this just isn’t the reality! We have slumps, low points and times where we don’t want to go after our goals because maybe they’re too big, we’re too tired or we just simply cannot be bothered.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get our motivation back so we could spend all of our time motivated and be getting things done? Unfortunately, there’s no pill or magic drink that gives us instant motivation. If that was a thing, the inventor would be a billionaire!

Seriously, though, how do we get it back when all seems hopeless? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of putting our big-girl panties on and getting it done and creating a habit, rather than considering it as optional! I’m not sure about you, but if I only got things done when I was motivated, there’d be a lot of unfinished projects hanging around me — and that’s a lotof projects!

That’s usually enough to keep me motivated most of the time, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes things just get in the way!

That’s where changing the way you think is critical to your success. I like to call these must-do items ‘non-negotiables’. Let me explain.

When it comes down to it, ask yourself, every morning when you get up do you have to think about brushing your teeth, putting on clothes and going to work? No, you just do these things, because they’re part of your daily routine and are non-negotiable. If you treat other things in your life, such as taking time out to train, eat healthy and go after your goals, as non-negotiables, chances are you will always have the motivation to do them, because it’s actually not a choice.

Now, for those of you who are still not convinced, I’m betting that you wouldn’t go to work in your pyjamas or your birthday suit because you couldn’t find the motivation to put work-appropriate clothes on, would you? Right, and that’s exactly my point. That’s how you need to treat your health and fitness!

In my 12 Week Body Solution, I talk about realistic goal-setting, and I also have a list of ‘must-dos’ that you must have considered before making any major changes in your life. It teaches you that no matter what happens, you must never lose sight of your goal or make it a ‘negotiable’. If you make a promise to yourself that you and your health are always a non-negotiable, you will succeed.

Too often our health becomes of secondary importance to us as we put everything else before it. Heck, I’m guilty too, but it shouldn’t be that way. Wise people often say if you have your health, you have everything, and I totally agree. So if you’re prepared to make your own health and wellness negotiable, sooner or later you may wish you’d decided differently.

There are plenty of resources online, and with the explosion of social media, there is always an inspirational video or motivational quote to help. However, while that may work for some people, it’s only short-lived. The sad truth is if you always seek external motivation, you’ll continue to lack your own real motivation to get where you want to be.

If you can truly learn about what makes you tick, what makes you feel great, why you’re doing what you’re doing and remind yourself of the ‘why’, you’ll always have your own motivational fire inside of you that is more powerful than any external factor (or imaginary motivational pill!) you could ever imagine. Even those of us who have found our ‘why’ still question things some days, and usually all we need is a kind word or reminder from someone who cares about us or that we trust to help us.

I am so grateful that my Lindy Fitness Community (btw, everyone is welcome) on Facebook has been an incredible source of inspiration for me. There are so many amazing people sharing and supporting each other to be their best selves and reach their own personal and individual goals.

I feel very blessed that there are so many of you out there who are not afraid to be real, honest and genuine about your struggles, your lack of motivation and the hurdles you face — and then, in the next breath, pick yourselves up and share such positivity with everyone around you. So for those of you who are truly brave enough to be yourselves, to step up and try to be better than you were yesterday, I salute you!

I for one know that on our own we are but one voice; together we can change the world. And together we can all help each other succeed. Isn’t that what living and loving life is all about after all?

So if you’re after some encouragement and support and you want to find like-minded people all supporting each other, then be sure to search for the Lindy Fitness Community on Facebook.

All it takes to succeed and stay motivated is to make your own health and happiness a non-negotiable! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are after similar goals to you will help you along the way as well. Once you do these things, chances are you won’t even need to think about staying motivated: you already will be! 

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