April 04, 2018

 “Why are you here?”

“What are you aiming for?”

“Where are you at now?”

“How are you going to get there?” 

To achieve success, however you define it, you need to set a goal – and for every goal that is set, you need to map out a plan to achieve the end result.  Studies prove consistently that those who align themselves with a goal-achievement program have far more success than those who don’t.  Which means that setting everyday goals is just as important as nailing the big ones if you want success in the long term. 

Consider the notion of planning a road trip.  You would work out where you’re going, mark out a route, work out the overnight stops you will make along the way (and book the accommodation).  You would calculate how many changes of clothes you may need and whether you need laundry facilities etc. The moral of this story is that if you are undertaking a journey to reach a certain destination, you need a plan!

The “how” of getting to your goals is the hardest part but the biggest key to your success – your own lifestyle plan needs to be well considered, practical and realistic – and most of all relevant to your situations and your dreams.   This is where we can really help you discover your own success and help you get there!

You may have chosen to join the program because you have dreams about where you want your physique to be.  The word “dream” connotes something mystical, abstract and out of reach – so if you have a dream, you need to remove this concept from your mind and turn it into a goal.   There is a quote that states:  “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”   Let’s make it so!

OK, so we’ve decided to turn that dream into a goal – this big dream, this big goal is known as your "goal"!

Sometimes it is hard to actually quantify what that goal is exactly – you may possess a loose concept of where you want to head eg “feel good about myself” – in this case, you need to take it one step further and ask yourself:  “What does this feel like?  What do I look like?  What am I doing?  Where am I?  What am I thinking?”  If you can begin to build a picture of what your goal is, it is much easier to define what this massive goal actually is.  Gathering as much information as possible is essential in sharpening your focus as well.

Developing clarity of this picture is essential as this is what helps you to keep going when times get tough or you occasionally have to veer off course on your way towards your goal (similar to the concept of having a flat tyre on your road trip and having to make an inland trip to a mechanic…)

Once you have that goal in your mind, it is essential to make plans in order to reach that goal, ie break it into smaller chunks – this may be smaller goals such as “I’m going to increase the speed that I run at on the treadmill this workout” or “I’m going to have an extra serve of vegetables today” and to be able to put contingency plans in place to deal with  unexpected roadblocks.

There is another famous quote floating out there  -“Pressure Creates Diamonds” – which is why it is absolutely essential to set a time limit for achieving your goals. For body transformations, a bikini or swimsuit photo shoot is a perfect motivator for you to get there, particularly if you make your plans public and plan to pin up the photos at your local gym or share them at your next dinner party…ie you want those photos to be pictures of you looking amazing!

Once you have worked out your goals, keep them firmly in your sight!

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