April 04, 2018

The power of words…

I recently read a post about someone who worked hard to get into shape and was then told she looked like a cancer patient. She was upset to the point of tears. 

 I am both shocked and disappointed that there are so many people out there who somehow think they are entitled to comment and judge another based on their choice to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Really…?! Surely being active, having fun and enjoying life are good things. And if getting in shape or training to be a better YOU brings any or all of the above, what right does anyone have to say otherwise, let alone comment on a social media platform?

These days I see so many keyboard warriors who sit behind their computers and - even worse – people who rubbish others in public by gossiping about them behind their backs. They dish out hurtful, derogatory words with the sole intention of being nasty and to provoke another - all to make themselves feel better about their own disappointing lives. Isn’t life about empowering our fitness sistas and encouraging others to be their very best?

I actually feel sad for those who continue to carry on with so much negativity and jealousy. All it really shows is the true character of the person being hurtful, not the person they’re attacking. Surely sad events (such as Charlotte Dawson’s passing) have highlighted the damage that can be done by the power of words? 

Yes, over the years, I’ve had my fair share of people tell me I look like a man because I choose to lift weights: “Who are you to be running a magazine like Oxygen; you have no idea what you’re doing!”, “Why did you profile that person?” and “Who do you think you are?” In the beginning, I couldn’t help but take it personally. Thankfully my real friends reminded me that there are good people out there. They taught me that those who really cared would always be truthful but kind in the way they communicated. It’s something I remember every day. Sure, sometimes feedback is hard to hear, but I’d rather have a million hard conversations with someone and learn from the whole experience than hide my feelings under the carpet in the hope they get swept away.  

Unfortunately, there will always be haters out there who don't understand the effort, commitment and drive it takes to make lifelong changes to your health and fitness. I want you all to really remember that the hardships will always make the victory so much more worth it. So make sure you empower yourselves to rise above and ask yourself this: do you feel good about what you’re doing? Do YOU like how you look/feel? The answer is usually really clear either way. Connect with like-minded people who will support your decision to be the best YOU you can be rather than burden you with their own feelings of inadequacy, disappointment and failure. Find people who encourage you to GO WITH YOUR GUT and to trust yourself above anyone else!! Once you can learn to do that, you’ll be on a journey that NO ONE can stop you from achieving!  

 Above all, be kind always, train hard, keep fit and LOVE life!

Lindy xx

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